Wednesday, August 24, 2011

pressure testing pictures

My Dad made a pressure testing cap a long time ago out of a cheap car cap, it finally gave up, so it was time to make a new one. this is a nos army oil cap, it is important to use a non vented cap. The first step is to drill a hole through the cap.

Then weld a Milton fitting onto the end of the cap

Here is a picture of the tank with air in it. I like to have fifteen or twenty psi going into the tank, then I spray it with soapy water. If there are any leaks, they will bubble, and you will know where to weld. I tested four tanks and only had two leaks to fix.

Here is Wayne's 46 with the freshly tested tanks on it.

I dropped these tanks along with John's 48 tanks off at Mikes to get in Primer. Once they are primed, I will fit the dash on both bikes!!!!

We picked up our batch of exhaust paint this morning. Here is a cool picture of everything on Jim's 39.

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