Thursday, August 4, 2011

39 stuff

this is what 36 to 45 circuit breaker bases look like. They are straight knurled and oven brazed together, then nickle plated. hd started to spot weld them together in 45 or 46 and then cad plate them. This base is for Jim's 39 motor, I always like to plate them together, then disassemble them, grease them and put em back together.

oooo aaaaa

This motor will be finished today. Then I can take an amazing picture. You guys will go nuts.

Here are the shafts and arms for Jim's 39. All of the balls were in good shape which is always nice.

Check out the 38 to 40 rocker box spacer, It is a big pain to take them out, parkerize them and put them back in, but it looks sooooo nice that it is worth it.

J9 Date code!!!!!!

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