Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bonneville, carbs, 39EL and a mystery part

Here is a cool picture that I just saw on facebook of Jason represinting south dakota at Bonneville. We are doing a 65 for him and his dad owns the 42 that we just finished. The car is Don's 32 ford bonneville car. I can't wait to hear how fast it went.

Here are some carbs for different motors we are building. These things are so trick.

My dad is cruising along on the carbs. it takes a lot of pieces to put together 15 of them. The bodies should be assembled today or tomorrow! Bowls to follow.

This picture is from yesterday. I am starting to wire up the three nine.

I set up the clutch on Jim's bike. I think that four bolt clutches are the best looking clutch that Harley ever put out. It is a shame that it gets covered up by the primary cover.

Here is the mystery part of the month. Do any of you guys know what this is going to be used for??? Take your best shot at guessing. The first person to guess right will get one when they are finished. I will give you one clue, it is for a motorcycle.


  1. with all your work on mufflers, i would guess it has something to do with them...

  2. my guess is something with a headlight?

    Johnny Fudge

  3. Matt,

    15 carburetors? Dear god, there is some patience there. I usually get to the "I don't need to ride anymore" stage about half way through a carb rebuild. 15?

    As for the piece of metal... I'll guess some kind of crush gasket. Possibly a gasket that goes between the muffler and head or on the other side on the intake manifold. The round center and oblong exterior have me guessing that way. My only other guess is a shim or bushing of sorts, but I don't know what it would fit to.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life