Sunday, August 21, 2011

henderson kj and m5f carb

I spent some time on the kj this weekend. It is coming along nicely. It has matching cases, but sometime over the last 82 years, the crank and flywheel have been replaced. IT is all good usable parts though.

All of the inserts are blued and assembled in order to find potential high spots. It took a few tries to get it spinning freely. It works well now.

Everything is spinning freely now and working right. Now it is time to move onto the flywheel, clutch and bevel gear.

Here is a cool carb that we pulled out from inventory. It is an m5f which was for california highway patrol. The body casting is identical to the standard 37/38/39 m5.

This is the cool difference. The throttle disc is polished to a knife edge for more airflow. It is similar to m25s and m35s carbs used on early wldr and wrs

You can kind of see the taper to the edge in this picture. It is a difficult thing to photograph.

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