Thursday, August 25, 2011

48 pictures and early stuff

We pulled john's 48 out to fit the rear fender today. I bolted on the freshly painted primary cover and oil tank.



Here are some of the pieces for mounting the rear fender.

My batch of center baffles for my muffler project showed up. unfortunately they are 1.756 rather than 1.750, so I have to run them through a center less grinder to get them down to size. They have a .040 wall thickness, so the extra grinding operation won't have an affect on the strength of the material.

Here are standard reproduction lower horn mounts. They are parkerized. Originals were not parkerized.

So I blasted them and blued them with gun bluing, then shellacked them. The bottom one is dry, the top one is still drying. This works well and makes the parts exactly like originals.

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  1. Hi Matt,

    which product did you use for shellacking?