Thursday, August 18, 2011

black paint and other stuff

I spent some time at Mikes today laying out decals and checking out black paint. This is the oil tank for John's 48. It should be finished by next week, then I can start fitting the rear fender!

I fit up the oil lines on Jim's 39. They are aluminum and very difficult to move around.

Short nuts with aluminum lines!

I spent some time wiring as well. Those are nos copper flags that I took off of nos wires and recycled them on this bike. I still have to set up the seat post.

Before I went to sleep I glued some mats to the foot boards. Maybe someone will see my name in this foot board in sixty years.

36 to 39 clutch bearing covers were flared and only held on by the tab on the bottom. To make one of these covers up, you have to turn a piece of metal and drill a hole in it, then weld it to the cover, then cut it off.

Now it just needs to be painted.


  1. Looks very nice ,I love knucklehead

  2. Matt,

    That makes me think of the phone number written on the heater in my basement. Who wrote it, why did they write it? I'll never know, it was only five digits. Probably just a tech who did it, but it left an interesting question.

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