Sunday, August 28, 2011

evolution in progress

The top pipe is an original y pipe for a 36 to 40 big twin muffler. Notice how the inlet for the rear header pipe has such a nice saddle to it. This feature is very difficult to copy. The pipe below the og pipe is a nineties and earlier replacement. Notice how the pipe is filleted and then welded to the bottom pipe. The saddle below is a Dennis Corso CO. saddle, this is what is on most of the y pipes that you buy from v twin or J and P or anyone else. I remember when Dennis came out with these circa 98 ish. Everyone went nuts, it was honestly the best thing since sliced bread. They are pretty damn close, but still leave a little room for improvement, which brings us to the saddle below it---- my first prototype saddle!!!! This is a corso saddle with a skirt welded on to it. The mystery part from last week was the skirt. It is still in prototype stages, and I will probably end up having to make it a little bigger, but it is the next step in making the saddle closer to the original style.

Here is a picture of the inside before metal finishing. This took about an hour to do, which is a long time for such a minute detail. Life was a lot more simple when I just relied on other people to make parts and before I knew how to manufacture stuff.


  1. Very Cool! And very glad you did start your own manufacturing!

  2. I'm sure many (I did), figured the mystery part was exhaust related, but what and how?, nobody would have ever guessed.

    In regards to making your own stuff, it's really cool that you go the extra measure. It's a dirty job...

  3. Thanks for the update on the mystery part. I thought it was something in that vein, but never would have gotten it that specific.

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