Friday, August 5, 2011

klock works pre sturgis party and 39 pictures

Here is the picture that I have been thinking about for the last week. Three 39 EL Motors, a 38 and a 46. These things are so nice. I love seeing them all lined up. This is the biggest batch of 37-30 cam cover motors that we have had finished at one time.

Brittney and I cruised down south to the Klockworks party in Mitchell with my dad, sister, Chuck and Larry. It was an alright time. I enjoyed the ride there and back. I have not ridden my 36 since returning from our midwest tour a week ago. I was having problems with a dirty fuel filter. I cleaned it out a couple of times and it still seems to be clogged up a little bit. I will pull the carb tomorrow and clean everything out.

We got back from riding sometime around eleven, so I put Jim's 39 motor in to make up for the six hours I spent riding bikes. This frame required no shims on the front motor mount. I love it when things work out that nicely. It must be beginners luck

And the pretty side.


  1. I love this blog. Makes me happy and a little jealous all at the same time. Every time I read it I want to pull all my knuckleheads apart and make one stock. I will keep them the way they are, but, I think about it. Keep snappin photos.

  2. Matt,

    Good looking bike and good looking lineup of motors. I wish I was so lucky as to have decorations like that in my garage. Hell, right now I'd appreciate a garage.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life