Monday, November 1, 2010

some neat reproduction parts progress that has happened over the last couple of months

This oil site guage project has been the most difficult part that we have ever made. My daddy and I are finally satisfied with the seams of the mold, the clarity of the tube and the overall product. We have over 20,000 miles on two proto types and are ready to go into production. I already have a small list of people on the pre order list, if you want one shoot me an email so that I can set you up when they arrive.

This morning we got a couple of our proto type switch terminal boards. They look great, I still have to fit them up and see how they work. Original ones are always warped and cause problems with your switch working properly.

Here ios the bottom. The part looks beautiful, I will know how it performs later in the week!

And finally we just got four 36 to 38 brake light switches in the mail too! These are nearly perfect!

OOOOOOHHHHHH AHHHHHHH I cant wait to put one on my 36 and wheelie test it!~


  1. You guys can take-over so much of the vintage parts business from J&P Cycles and V-Twin. Any part that doesn't fit properly now ('cause it's made overseas and is cheap) is up for grabs. Like a seat tee. You guys know better than I do, which parts are worthless right now. Switches on the handlebars is another one. You can charge extra if they fit right and last. This is a market waiting to be taken, by anyone who will do the job right and provide good parts.

    Andy (from New Jersey)

  2. Great stuff Matt..put me down for one of the oil site gaugesI'll use it on the ULH or maybe the 46 knuck project.