Sunday, November 28, 2010

knucklehead stuff and popes

Here is a neat picture of three 36 transmission cases together. two of them are late 36 cases and one is early. Pretty neat picture. I don't know if I will have three of them together in one spot again. Two of them just got added to the batch of transmissions which brings the total tooooooo 14 transmissions. holy cow! The early one is for my dads 36

HEre is a late 38 39 head that a huge fin is missing from. I made one last night, welded it on, and the heat from the weld pulled away from the other fins. I have never had to weld such a big fin on. I broke it off and have a few other ideas to try. I'll keep you posted.

man o man this is beautiful stuff

I can't wait to have my pope engine this complete. These things are works of art.


  1. Keep us posted on that fin repair job buddy..that is gonna be a tough one!!

  2. Those Pope motors are indeed beatiful. What is your Pope plan, original or special? have made some Pope sheet metal repops as well as some othe stuff to.


  3. Yeaa, I'm wonderin' about the Pope too. Tweaked a little or not? I had some fins welded on to my 1916 Excelsior without preheating and all went well except a couple of small cracks, but now I'm wondering about brazing the cracks. Great blog. Thanks, Paul Venne Bangkok/Los Angeles