Thursday, November 18, 2010

How many heads does it take to fill up a handy lift

Here is what fourteen rebuilt knuckleheads look like. Man o man they are beautiful.

Just in case you ever wondered how many knuckleheads would fit on a handy lift....

we had to pull the speedo out of our original paint 49, it was whining and making funny noises, so it got sent up to canada to be gone through. This face is soooo nice. Janus will take care of the mechanics of it and leave the glass, and faces alone.

here is a pic of my arm, it is still healing two months after the crash. I just had a doctors appointment yesterday, and he said that I can't lift any more than five pounds with it for another six to eight weeks. Most of the mobility in my hand is coming back, but my thumb is still really messed up and not bending correctly. I guess this stuff takes time and I am far from invincible haha