Sunday, November 14, 2010

neat pictures of old mc parts

last week went really well. I hung out at the shop for five days in a row which is a record since the wreck. I just helped out with sorting out parts and organizing parts upstairs. HEre is a set of heads for a bobber we are building in this batch of bikes. This is going to be the neatest bike that I have ever built.

here are three more sets that were in the batch. there are another two that are not in the pics. I love the way knuckleheads look. they are so beautiful.

some of the stuff I sorted out this week was transmission related. we are doing a batch of 12 transmissions, there are a lot of places for these old castings to break and crack. Here is the inside of a kicker cover after welding. the welding on the right side of cover is from fixing up a star crack from the clutch finger hitting the case. this is pretty common.

lots of cases, races, tops, covers etc etc.

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  1. Good Stuff!!
    Great to hear and see you are recooping Matt. Hope all is well with you after the tumble!