Thursday, November 4, 2010

41 chevy business coupe

we pulled this 41 chevy out of storage yesterday. It hasn't seen the light of day for twenty years. Check out the 41 north dakota plates! My grandma's brother had one just like this seventy years ago.
Check out the original interior and wood trim around the windows. This is a business coupe, I guess they are kind of rare. The car has a hugggge trunk

Everything is untouched and sweet on this car. I can't wait to drive it.

This has to be the original radio. Were these accessories or standard? I don't know?


  1. What's the story on this beauty? Is it your dad's or were you just pulling it out for someone else?

  2. Back in those days, even the heater was an option. I've seen early Chevys thru 1957 with what folks refer to as radio and heater delete, usually in the cheaper models out of Florida or the Southwest. We'd hunt thru the junkyards for the delete (block off) plates for the NHRA Junior Stockers we ran back in the day. And that is one nice car we see here!!

  3. Matt, I had two '41 Chevy coupes when in and right after high school. My dad also had one along with my buddy Rich Morris (that Rich Morris). The day after I graduated drove it to Pennslyvania from SoCal on route 66 to see my Grandfather before I when to Nam (drafted out of high school 1966)and back. They're the best! Nice pickemup in front of that too. Wait till you experience the vacuum shift and wipers. Rich

  4. Matt, That's the original tan paint on the exterior or at least the color. The radio is stock but I believe it to be the deluxe version. Does the trim say deluxe on the sides of the hood because the woodgrain dash and window frames are. Those are the stock heater and defroster switches on the left side of the steering wheel too. The turn signal switch is aftermarket of course. They made neat bumper tip guards as well as a center grill guard and rear trunk handle guard and deluxe wheel covers. Also a cool flying lady hood ornament and deluxe steering wheel. Way cool find. I'll send you some photos when I get a chance. Rich