Friday, November 19, 2010

misc, pics of cool motor and trans stuff

here is a neat pic of re drilling the hole in a shifter arm. It is pretty common for the holes to be completely worn out in these little pieces which causes poor shifting. I weld up the ones that are worn out, sand and file them, then drill a .265 hole in them and finish it off with a .400 counter sink.

Here are a bunch of them after being fixed. This pic is a few days old and they have already been sent off for cad and nickel plating.

here are a couple motors that my dad is tearing down, one is a 52 fl and the other is a 39el. We still have a few more engines to tear down after these. I love motors!!!!

here is a pic of four of the twelve transmission cases that got painted today. The paint is dolph's er 44, this helps prevent oil seeping into the casting and discolor it. we paint the inside of engine cases with this stuff too. the bottom studs and drain plugs are installed in before they are painted to insure a good seal. There are still another eight cases too do! yikes.

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