Wednesday, June 23, 2010

fc53 and Ds 42

This little hump between the springs was used on 42 springers. This is a tough bugger to find. I have seen them on xa forks wr forks and big twin forks!

This is a rolling chassis that my friend and I put together a couple days ago. It is a 42 el that my dad and I are building for a friend in Texas. It is so nice! It will be skyway blue with all the goo gaw shit on it. I am excited for this bike!

OOOO check out the early brazed hub and one of our grease zercs. That's right, we make our own grease zercs. I am obsessive over little details like this!

I also made some good headway on the 53! The motor and transmission are mounted for good. I am going to put a pair of s3 tires on it today!

I tried mounting this oil filter and did not have much luck with it fitting the way that it is supposed to. I get pretty frustrated with reproduction parts that dont fit. I am not sure which route I will go on the oil filter, I'll think about it over the weekend and make a decision next week.


  1. Hi Matt,
    I was wondering if you could tell me what paint you use for silver cylinders. Thanks, Craig

  2. Thanks for posting this Matt, I just scored a springer and now I know that it is a 42.