Monday, June 28, 2010

J and P open house pics!

My friend Markus and I headed east to check out the J and P open house this weekend. I put over 1300 break in miles on the 53 and had an amazing three days. we stayed at Kody Wisner's place. He is a great guy and builds a lot of neat bikes.
Here is the storm that chased us all the way down to Iowa. On our trip down it only rained for ten minutes, I wish I could say that about the trip back lol.

Here is a pic of Markus and I in front of a giant strawberry. I am a sucker for cheesy big tourist traps like this. I try to stop at most of them.

This is a 09 curtiss twin that my friend Steve Huntzinger restored. Everything on this bike is so nicely done. It looks like jewelery. I am amazed at the work that he can do. Amazing stuff!

There was a big arlen ness exhibit at the museum. There were about ten of the neatest Arlen Ness bikes at the show. 2010 is the 40th anniversary of Arlen's shop, he has done it all and probably has a great perspective and view on things over the last four decades. He is the ruler of all rulers.

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