Monday, June 7, 2010

early 36

Well I am back on Doug's 36. I am kind of sad to be almost done with it. This is such a great bike. Working on it is like being in a dream. It's kind of difficult to explain. Anyways, I took this pic so you could see the seat. I spent most of my day getting the t bar to fit. It was made by a fellow in ohio who I will not name. It took a ton of work to make it fit. I am satisfied with it now. In hindsight I would rather of used one of Micheal Breeding's seat ts.

Here are the freshlyre done gauge faces for the oil pressure gauge. Lee Armitage makes the new stickers. They are boss

Here is how the spring is installed. This was a struggle. I think that hd probably had elfs or sweatshop kids assembling these back in the day.

HEre is the finished gauge. It turned out well and works great.


  1. probably sweatshop kids... that a cool name for a band. Matt & The Sweatshop Kids :)

  2. Breeding gave me the guided tour through his shop weekend before last. Man his stuff is nice!