Tuesday, June 8, 2010

36 progress and new friends!

Here is a picture of a 36 37 kickstand bracket that I have been saving for doug's 36 for two years. It has some nasty goober welds on it, but most original brackets do. These things take a beating!

My dad and I got our eternal combustion jackets and shirts in the mail today. We took this staged photo of them so you could see what they look like. we are not really peeing lol

Here it is all ground up and ready to mount. I had to build up both plates on the inside and file them to fit. I spent most of the day on this project, but it turned out well. It works exactly like it should. Also take note of the stop this is a 36 only piece and is actually two plates spot welded together. The transmission adjuster strap is of the same construction.

Mounted and ready for action!

These two folks showed up at our place today from Wisconsin. They took a roadtrip across two states to come see our operation and hang out for a bit. I asked them ten or fifteen different times where they were headed and they replied "Aberdeen" what a could deal and a great compliment!

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  1. matt, what is the different about the 36-37 sidestand mount and the later one thanks ,