Monday, June 28, 2010

J and P photos part 1

I ran into my friend buzz and Cris who are both riding 15 harleys in the cannonball. I didn't get a picture of cris though.

Here is an original paint 1912 Henderson. I love this bike. I have a couple hundred pics of it in a glass case that I took at the old location. They hadn't moved the glass over yet, so I was able to see it with out a barrier. what an amazing piece. It is the only original paint one known to exist

Here is a pic of me and smoothness. This is the most amazing bike. When I was a little kid I had the ness catalogue with this on the cover and I would stare at it for hours. Arlen Ness is one of my heroes, he has truly done it all and is an innovator and leader in the mc world. Whenever I saw him this weekend there was like a white aura glowing around him, he seriously glows. he is the best!

Here is a pic of the 53 rolling over to 2000 miles. I love it when all the numbers move at once.

Here is a pic of a bunch of wind mills. These things are so damn big.

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  1. Great pix Matt. I gleebed one because it fit right in.