Thursday, March 28, 2013

a weeks worth of time

 This weekend we did a huge batch of parkerizing.   Jesse and craig have been blasting for the last two and a half months to prep for it.   This is a lot of work and the process is pretty finicky.   The batch turned out pretty good, and we only had to redo a few parts.

The parkerizing allowed us to get the rest of the parts for the 55, 65 and this 46 bobber.   This bike was found in a field in colorado and was in very sad shape.  It was a lot of work to fix up these parts, but it is turning out nice.   

 These are keystone plates, they were used on harley race bikes.  The top one is a copy of a stock one.  It is made out of the same blank as the right side one, so it has a hole in it for the case drain.  I didn;t lke the way it looked, so I asked my friend jack to waterjet out a new style one.  I think they will look really cool once  mounted on the bike.
 My friend Jerry sent me this awesome photo yesterday of a painting he is working on for one of the tiles in the Wall Of Death.   Thanks a ton Jerry.  It is a huge honor.   If you guys have the chance to see these guys perform, do whatever it takes to go to their show.   It is a great piece of American Motorcycling history.

 Here it is all shipped up with the frame and headed east.
 Here is Bill's 51 motor.  It is coming together nicely.  The end play is set,  now we just have to take it apart, clean and lube everything one last time, install the cylinder studs and its going together!!  Bill wanted us to build the bike around a reproduction frame, but has since changed his mind and wants to find an original one.  Do any of you guys have one laying around.  we have cash or parts to trade.   Thanks!
 Here is one of the crusty thirty eight motors my dad is working on. My dad spent the weekend patinaing up three sets of cases for crusty bikes.   His first attempts were a little light, then a little dark, but then he finally ended up with this look, which is spot on.   I cant wait to see the motors all together.

 and the saga continues. 

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