Monday, March 11, 2013

Claudes old thirty six

 This is a cool bike that just went through our shop.  It is a late thirty six el that was the last bike my friend Ken Presson restored before he passed away last year.   It belonged to a fellow named Claude who owned the bike for 40 years.  He bought it at a junkyard for 25 dollars
 Ken always did really good work.  When I was sixteen I took a bus to davenport during christmas break and hung out and worked with him.  He was a really sharp guy

 I really like how this bike has black rims.  They were available in the parts catolog, and this bike had black paint on the rims before restoration.
 The bike had a 39 transmission and rear brake, so ken had to find the right parts.
 I touched up a bit of the wiring, put an original dash and the correct headlight on the bike.
 We had a skip piper muffler, that we put on it too,   but the new owner doesnt like it and wants one of ours installed

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