Tuesday, March 12, 2013

pictures from the Silver Sands Meet and other stuff thats been going on at the shop

 Last weekend I flew into orlando to attend one of our annual board meetings at the AMCA meet in Silver sands Florida.   As soon as I landed I went over to my friend Docs place for a nice dinner and conversation.  We staid up till the wee hours of the morning talking about old bikes and bench racing.  Doc has been racing since 62 and is a wealth of knowledge.  
 He road races ahrma with indians and this cam norton.  I am really glad that I know him.  I could type for hours and not cover all of the cool stuff that he has done in a short amount of time. 
 He is sponsoring Brittney's Race Program and provided her with a set of brand new racing leathers that were made in Germany.  They fit her perfectly.
 Here is a picture of a 1922 nera car.  These are such cool bikes.  They have hub center steering.
 The silver sands meet was jamming.  I found a ton of good parts, saw an overwhelming  amount of old bieks. and got to hang out with a lot of friends and make some new ones.  The new venue is really nice and a lot of fun.  Here is a picture of my friend Georges 36, it just got judged into winners circle.  It is a primo bike. 
 This is a really nice old 29 that I saw for sale,  
 This really cool four cylinder was at the silver sands meet.
 I saw this cool 40ua for sale at the Silver Sands AMCA meet it was a really nice bike and priced right at 17k.  IF any of you guys are looking for a cheap btsv,  shoot me an email and I ll send you a pic of the phone number.
 Here is a picture of me next to a donked out bagger at daytona.  Unfortunately there is not much good riding around daytona, so people show up to profile on unpractical bikes.
 I saw this bike over at the Eustis meet  I really like peashooters.  theyre so cool.
 Mike finished up the sheetmetal on Doug's 39   This bike is going to be really beautiful.  I laid down the decal on this tank.  That is a pretty long process.
 Larry is getting healed up and started working on Jim's 36 sheetmetal.  Here is a shot of the rear fender in process.  
 Here is a shot of the fenders.   They are so nice and green.  I cant wait to see this next to his thirty six.
 This is probably the weirdest part that I bought in Florida.  It is a big base r11 plug.   I have a few nos r11 plugs for wrs, but they have a small hex.  this is the first one I have seen with a big base and a big brass attachment point.  My friend Mo told me they are for FH harleys, which is pretty amazing
 Check out the electrode!!!!I love these plugs.
 This is a solid works drawing of brittneys top clam and hanlebar risers that my friend Andre is making for her race bike.  It is starting to look pretty amazing.  He should start machining sometime soon!!!
This is a sweet bosch zev magneto that I bought .  It has one big magnet instead of two small ones and this cool logo on it.  Do any of you guys know what vintage it is?  I have heard late teens or late twenties

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