Tuesday, March 19, 2013

motors and frames!!

 My dad has been mowing through bottom ends.  Here are four straight bearing engines that have the flywheels in the cases. 
Here is tims frame.  We have it all togethere and ready to go.   I have to weld the top motor mount and tank mount on, but it should be done today.   
 the next frame on the list is Jack's 36.  He bought this from the west coast.  It is a real deal early 36 frame.

 the top tank mount was replaced some time in the last 15 years, it is a ferrels one.   They are pretty nice.   The big problem with this photo is the nickle rod  that was used to weld the neck back onto the casting.  If you look closely you can see that there is a line in front of the dif hallmark. Somebody cut the front of the neck off and welded it back on.  When Jack bought the frame, it was painted and this was not visible.
 here is a shot of the front motor mount.  The holes look rough on the top, but they are nice on the bottom,  I have no idea how they got so banged up on top, or why?
 Here you can see the repair of the bottom rail on the left tube and the damage on the right.
 somebody did some serious grinding and cutting on the top of the backbone to fit a pan or shovel motor into this frame a long time ago.  you can also see where th e backbone is cracked in half.
 the flash makes this photograph, not the best,   but the seat post is very relieved for a rear head of a pan or shovel. the seat t yoke is pretty awesome and a big part of what makes this frame so cool.  If you know, then you know.
 here is what it looked like after jesse cut it apart.  we eneded up deciding to cut and replace the top tubes after this photo was taken.
and here it is in the fixture.   Still a bit of work to do on this frame, but we should be able to figure it out.

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