Wednesday, March 13, 2013

frames and engines and some cuba pictures

 We got petes 46 frame back from being powder coated.   It turned out really nice.
 here are some of the frames we finished up this month.  
 Jesse is making good progress on Tim's 42 frame.  Tim was in a bad accident with this bike, and it needed to have a lot of tubes replaced,  This is probably the second hardest frame we have had to work on.its coming along nice though, so thats good.
My dad is putting flywheels in cases this week.  Here is a quick shot of some of the ones waiting to go together.  
 I really loved this photo of this indian.  The bike looks like a futuristic indain custom. 
 A lot of the cubans would put swingarms on their frames to handle the rough roads in their country.  here is a pic of one in progress.
I want to find some of these bags, just so I can paint them up like this.  This bike belonged to a fellow who had a business with his brother.  they had a nice restored red and white car and they would rent both units out for parades and funerals.

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