Friday, April 5, 2013


 Brittney, Jesse and I went to the circus last week.  This act has been my favorite act since I was a kid.   They started putting lights on the dirt bikes.  This is the only time I have seen lights on a bike and thought it was cool.
 Brittney got to ride an elephant it was pretty cool.
 Here is a 23 j motor that we are just about done with.
 My friends Matt and dale sent me these wheel rings for 19 inch rims.  I am going to make up some copies of them.  I have been looking for a 19 inch sample for over eight years.   If you guys need some let me know,  I will probably only make one batch.
 Here is a good photo of petes bike. the one that i posted last week was not that good. 
 And the left side
 My dad has been jamming out on motors. here is Scott's 38.  Its so nice.
 ccheck out the three hole relay base and the early circuit breaker cap.  HD went to the later style cap sometime in 38, so its kind of tough to pin down an exact cross over.  We did a 38el15xx motor ten years ago and it had anearly cap,  but later ones didn't  Who knows
Hhere is another shot of the23. 

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