Monday, March 19, 2012

st patricks day photos

Here is a neat picture of two rivets. the one on the left is a standard available rivet. the one on the right is a rivet that started out looking the same as the one on the left but had the radius re cut and reformed.

Here is one fresh out of the machine. these rivets are for 36 to 49 fishtails. I couldn't find the right one, so Delmar wrote up a program on the Lynx and I re cut the heads on a bunch of them

Here they are!

This is a cool project that we have been working on for a while. This is a brake backing plate for springers that will accept hydra glide shoes and brake drum which are an inch bigger than stock springer brakes. This is still in the prototyping stage, when we finally make them, they will be steel.

Here is a side by side comparison. Pretty cool stuff.

This is a ground piece of .250 plate for making a fixture.

This is the same plate.

and all finished up. This is for locating different coordinates on a 36 to 69 cam cover and cases. It would take a couple pages of typing to describe it's purpose and capabilities. Basically this plate could rule the world.

Here is a cute little drill bushing before hardening. We hardened it to 50 Rockwell c

This is a handy drill fixture for drilling the two holes in the fishtails for the mufflers that we are working on.

Here it is in action!!!

This is my friend Pete's case. The cam area was badly spider webbed and cracked. We sent it out to our friend M. in New Jersey and he welded in a plate and re punched the hole. IT turned out very nice.

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  1. Fastidious attention to detail, you guys are absolutely amazing !!!!