Wednesday, March 14, 2012

36 and 37 pictures

This is Paul's 37 frame. This bike has been a complete bike for its whole life and has a lot of nice parts. It is an early frame, with an early 37 fork, which is the same as a 36 front end. The seat post broke into three parts and he rode it for a bit like that. I think that it must have really high centered a few times, I am not sure when, but it did get a little twisted up. The lower rails needed to be replaced and there is a bit of a twist on the exhaust side as well, It should be going to gether soon, This is the most twisted up back section of a frame that I have seen and it is nice to have something challenging to work on.

Check out the large hall mark, machined reliefs in the curved bar and the 7/8 head on crash bar. This is the same neck that was used on 36 els and through out some of the 37 year, I am not sure when they changed necks, if any of you reading this have some specific serial number cut offs it would be great to know.

Here is a picture of Doug's 36 next to a 1905 harley at the Eiteljorg museum They opened the exhibit on friday, I was in Daytona at a board meeting so I couldn't attend unfortunately. Doug said it was a great time.

Here is a cool picture of Jean Davidson and Mr. Doug. Late last year we went to Milwaukee and hung out with Jean's son and watched old family videos that her grand father Walter had shot during the 1928 to 1942 time period. It was really neat, there were a few shots of her as a baby.

This is the name card for the display bike.


  1. I did see a low 5000 VIN motorcycle with the frame neck with no machine relief, yet had the 38 style forks (inside zirc fittings) so perhaps around the 5000 VIN mark is when H.D. changed necks.