Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Born Free 4, pan head motors and seat posts

Here is a picture of the bike that we are building for born free 4. We are going to run narrowed Indian tanks and a sectioned fender on the back. All of the frame tubing was made on Delmar's MX it is tapered from 1.125 to 1.00 over 13 to 18 inch sections. A lot of early bikes used tapered tubing and it makes for a real classy and finished look. This bike belongs to a fellow in PA that we built a 48 panhead for a few years ago.

It is always important to check to make sure the head doesn't hit the seat post. This is Sean's frame, it is just about finished up, I have to fix the tool box bracket and metal finish the welds still, but the hard part of welding the bottom rails in is completed.

Here is a picture of the 55 motor that my dad is just about done with for Jim in Texas. Sorry about it being off 90 degrees. It looks faster, kind of like it's shooting towards the heavens.

Dan is crating up a pair of 52 motors today, We had these crates made up years ago and have shipped tons of motors in them.

Here is the other 52 in a customer supplied crate. This is a nice motor and should last for a very long time.


  1. WoW! Can't wait to see the whole frame. thanks Matt!


  2. The bike is looking great Matt and your front end is on its way!!

  3. Really looking forward to your build. Send us some updates when u can.