Tuesday, March 13, 2012

florida, frames, motors and a cool strap tank

There is an awesome 08 single on ebay that my friend Lonnie built. It is sooo cool


Here is a picture of the dangerous dog.

I got a big box of 36 to 40 muffler tips right before i left. I got them welded up and ready to go.

Here is Doug's new 39 frame. It needs some new bottom rails, seat post and sidecar loops. Dan worked on prepping it over the weekend and it should be going together this week along with a 37 frame.

Here is a nasty repair on the seat post. this is very common and pretty easy to fix, at least with the right tools...

The 40 frame is just about finished. I still have to weld the front tank mount, right foot board tab and oil tank bracket on.

This is Jim's 55 motor with the pushrods installed and ready to go. This is pretty sweet,

This is my friend Matt's 41, I got to ride it in Florida this weekend, it was a pretty gnarly bike. It won the Alabama state enduro in 1951. He bought it off of craigslist and tracked down the original owner. What a fun bike, Taking it for a spin was the high lightof my 3 day long trip to down south. I borrowed this picture off of the AMCA facebook page, go check it out if you have a facebook page, there are over 1500 pictures of neat old bikes on it and over a 11oo members. the url is http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/111664952275098/

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