Wednesday, March 7, 2012

38 and 40 frame work

This is Bob's 40 frame, it was a pretty nice uncut frame, but the seat post was snapped in half and the bottom rails were crushed. After sandblasting i noticed that the left down tube had a poor repair done to it a long long time ago, so I chopped it off.

Here it is mounted up in the jig. The seat post is just slid over the slug

here it is with the new tubes in and most of the welding done to it. I have to take it out and get into a few tight spots, then metal finish and put the foot board tabs, oil tank bracket and bottom tank mount on.

Here is Gareth's 38 frame, This was an original paint frame that was severely beaten, bruised and broken. We are making an old looking bike out of it, so I left as much of the old paint on it as I could. I had to shine it up in a few spots where I was welding though. These are all the slugs and tubes that will be added in to make the frame one piece again.

This is Gareth's motor transmission mount, we set up the angle plate on the Bridgeport and bore these out. There is a huge variance in height between the top of the transmission mount and the top of the motor mount, the distance between the holes is different from casting to casting too. HD did not hold these dimensions very well, which forces you into having a flexible set up for boring them out. My dad leaves about .010 in each casting to hand sand out, which insures a tight fit on the final product. This is a picture of Gareth's mount after it had the extra .010 taken out of it to fit on the 1.500 seat post. Notice the large hallmark which was used through some of 39

Here are some of the other motor and transmission mounts that my dad bored out while he was at it.

Here is the hardtail bolted in the jig,

Seat post and motor mount, this part gets a little tricky, up above I mentioned that there were slight variances in motor pad to transmission pad height, so you have to shim accordingly to make sure that the back motor mount doesn't tilt at an angle. The entire motor mount slides front to back on key stock to accommodate for the variances in distances.

front motor mount installed

here it is with most of the tubes in and welded.

All glued back together!!!

And the finished product. I put a 46 el motor in to check the front mount height and it had no gap on the left front mount and needed a .005 shim on the right. The paint held up pretty well too I still have to weld on the lower fender mount and tool box bracket and do a little bit of grinding and texturing. I also have to rust it up and put some black enamel on it

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