Friday, March 16, 2012

bf 47, pm37 and bucks

I spent yesterday and this morning welding up Paul's 37 frame. it is getting pretty close and should be ready for metal finishing by the end of the day.

Here is a picture of the dangerous dog and the guard cat. Our mail man is afraid of Duke.

Here is the Born Free roller. It is looking pretty good. We had to heat up one of the seat posts and flatten it out to get a bit of clearance for the exhaust port, but we got it shoe horned in there.

This is a copy of the 37 frame picture that I uploaded twice

I picked up some sheet metal and aluminum to make some bucks for the oil tank and the back sides of the born free tanks. Dan made the bucks, cut out the blanks, and I welded them up.

The buck for the oil tank top looked like a heart, so I used some red lay out dye and turned it into a month late valentine for Brittney, She was into it.

The edge of the buck has a 3/16ths radius on it so that the sheet metal ends up with a nice edge after it is formed. Notice how the radius edges are pie cut, these slots get welded up after forming.

Here they are all finished up

This is the inside of the left tank. It was made the same way.

In this picture you can see the lip that will slip into the tank. This makes for a very sturdy and rugged set up.

Here is the tank sitting on top of it.

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