Thursday, March 29, 2012

perks of the job, primaries and wheels

Pete's cam cover showed up for his 40 motor today. It came packed with a couple of old shirts to prevent it from getting scratched.
oh cool the shirts kind of fit. they don't look as good as the cam cover and Pete's 40 cases.

Dan and I laced up a bunch of wheels yesterday. the shiny set is for Pete's 46, and the other ones are for original paint or funky bikes. We are going to do another batch in april for two sidecar bikes! which is nuts.
I know it is kind of over kill to paint the inside of the 65 primaries with Dolph's er44, but I like overkilling things.
Here are all the parts that we are sorting out for the 38 clutch and the 45 wl clutch set ups.
Here is the motor/ trans mount for Doug's 39 it has the big numbers still and the early wrap around reinforcement with smooth seat post. later 39s had the small numbers, later wrap around reinforcement and a relief for the big 74inch motor that was supposed to come out in 40 but didn't meet the deadline.
These wheels are for our 40 el and Delmar's 45 EL. They are kind of funky, but will look nice once the bikes are together.

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