Thursday, September 25, 2014

cannonball wrap up

 Our team crossed the finish line in Tacoma Washington on sunday.   I am very happy with how the bikes performed across the country.  My dad missed 50 miles and Scott missed 120 on my bike.   There were 32 bikes with perfect scores, which is amazing.     This was the first cannonball that I did support in.  My son, wife and I followed everyone across the country and did mechanical work.  It was a blast.  Britney wants to ride in the next one in 2016.  I am not sure if I'll rode or do support.  Either way it will be a lot of fun to participate in the best antique motorcycling event in the world

The Seattle cossacks performed at the Lemay car museum which was the official end to the 2014 cannonball.   The cossacks are a motorcycle stunt team who have have been together for 75 years.  They all ride hand shift Harleys 

I love the 7s

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