Saturday, September 6, 2014

cannonball day 2

The first day ofthe cannonball is always a challenge. Lots of people from all over the world work for two years to get their bikes done and sorted put as best as they can in order to prepare from going from the Atlantic to the pacific.   My dad's bike hit a pot hole a 100 miles into the run and popped the tube.  Luckily he had it hauled to the hosted dinner at interstate cycles in lake city Florida and we were able to switch the tube out in good time.
 Our team mate Jason had a catastrophic melt down with his 34 vl.   It was under oiling and got jot and stuck the front piston.  I have never seen a piston get this hot.   Luckily we brought a spare 39 knucklehead for him to ride while we wait for parts and rebuild his bike in the parking lots in the next few stops.
 Lake city Florida was a real treat.  It pretty much rained the whole time that we were there.  It rained so much that there were flash flood warnings the following morning.   The route organizers told the riders to haul their bikes to the lunch stop and start from that point.   We didn't have room in our rig for 4 bikes and all of our luggage so Scott and I rode the 36 els to the lunch stop.  The rain cleared up in 30 miles and it was a lot of fun the rest of the day.   My dad rode the red and black bike the rest of the day While Scott got got another perfect score.
We ran into hamster Randy at our first gas stop. He rode the same orange jd on the last run.   He is a great guy.  

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