Monday, September 8, 2014

cannonball day 3 re cap

 The third day of the cannonball run.went from Columbus Georgia to Chattanooga Tennessee.  it was 240 miles and our bikes did great.   Scott and my dad got every mile and my bike still has a perfect score.   Scotts place on the score sheet is 29 which is pretty cool .  here is a photo of my dad at the start of the race with little lock
Scott took some photos of the ride and sent them to my phone.  Here is a pic of Ken McManus.  He is riding a 36 El on the run.  It is 10 or 20 numbers earlier than mine.   It is a really nice bike that his son Matt built.   Matt McManus is on the run too
My dad's 36 is jamming out and running perfectly.  Unfortunately he is 40 points from a perfect score because of the flat tire that he got on the first day.   

Jason  is riding our 39 El since his vl is broke down he is not eligible for points while riding a different bike but at least he gets to enjoy the route.  And scenery 

When we arrived at Chattanooga we used the time we had available to tear into Jasons vl and do an assessment on the damage caused by under oiling.   We got the front piston unstuck and we were surprised to discover that the bottom end and rods were OK.   We overnight shipped some new pistons valves and gaskets to our next stop and will hopefully have the vld on the road this week.

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