Friday, September 5, 2014

cannonball day one

Today is the first day of the 2014 cannonball run.  This year's event is open to bikes made in 1936 and earlier.  My dad is riding his 36 El and the winner of the cannonball golden ticket is riding my 36 el. We also have a friend from rapid city on our team who is riding a 1934 vl.   I'll be doing updates on the site and trying to chronicle the trials and tribulations of our team while we make our way to Washington.  Britney lock and I are driving the support vehicle and doing mechanical support.. it was a ton of work to get this far and we are only at the starting line.

Here is a picture of my bike crossing the start line.  Scott is is an ex marine and super disciplined.  I think that he is going to do really well on the run and make a lot of miles. 

Here is my dad doing what he does best-- smiling and riding motorcycle 

  This is the only photo that I got.of.jasons bike.  He had some mechanical problems and got.loaded up on the trailer.   I'll get to work on this bike all night and try to sort it out.  Wish us luck and come visit along the way if the cannonball run goes to a state near you

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