Thursday, January 17, 2013

Some of bobs thirty nine stuff, thirty six sidecar loops and an oil filter on the fifty five

Jesse started cleaning up some of bobs thirty nine parts for parkerizing today. When he brought in one of the totes I noticed the tool box. There seems to be some speculation over whether not 1939 knuckleheads and big-time flatheads had a latch on the tool toolbox. I've seen them both ways --with and without the latch. Bob's toolbox doesn't have a latch and as a mid serial number bike. I was hoping that I would be able to count the number of patents on the decal after we removed the paint because it would tell me if it was the correct decal for 39 or a later replacement decal which would've came out on toolbox made after 1939

We're just about finished with Kurts 36 frame I got the loops tacked on as well as a front motormount and they're ready for brazing.

I also spent a couple hours fitting the oil filter bracket and oil lines on Ed's 55 today. I'll have to re-parkerize the oil filter Mounting bracket and put the restored oil filter on the bike, but at least the hard work is finished.

And lastly I'm posting a picture of the late teens to early 20's Harley JD they belong to one of my dads friends father. I don't know when the photo was taken or the exact date of the bike but the friend of my father wants to know what year the bike is if any of you guys out there can Pinpoint it and give me a description why I would really appreciate it. thanks have a great day


  1. Matt can you please explain what you mean by "Latch" on the rectangular toolbox?

  2. I would say the old IOE in the B&W photo is a 1917 model, this based on the style of the front mudguard and as it looks like the handlebars are nickle plated.

    Sverre Gerber
    AMCA 3489