Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rods, bearings and wiring

I finished up most of the wiring on the fifty five today, I still have to hook up the headlight taillight and horn but the hard work is done. My dad has been sorting out rodsets and bottom end part all day. Check out the photo of some of te rodsets he's working on. The picture of the Rods In the screw press is a picture of the races being replaced. We like to use original rods when we can but sometimes it just isn't feasible. Even if we buy new rodsets for a motor we still have to fit the bearings and make sure the fit is exactly perfect. I also threw up a picture of my lovely wife making a blueprint for her fork. We made an assembly drawing that had all of her steering components , then the height of each component and were able to work backwards and come up with a blueprint for a part that never existed but will work for her bikes needs


  1. Matt, I'm a little confused here. Looks like de wife is working on a teens Excelsior military fork? Also is that the Sears in the background you are finally getting back to? Oldie guys want to know!! Meanwhile, beautiful work on the EL's. It's like I might have to trade in "The Excutioner" my 1970 CB750 hot rod chopper. (second owner) Thanks again, Paul Venne Long Beach 1914 Excelsior 2 speed et. al.