Monday, January 21, 2013

cool thirty six photos and motor progress pics

 My dad had a busy weekend sorting out all of the parts for doing bottom ends.  He got it all sorted out, now he is removing metal from the flywheels and starting the balancing process.
 we got these awesome buco saddlebags from Chuck and Jo today.   They are copies of old original ones.  These are going to go on the op 55 that we are working on.  We have to dull them down to match the rest of the bike, but that is ok.
 here is the set that they used as patterns.  These saddlebags were on the first bike that my dad ever bought, a 1953 panhead in north dakota.  We have had them on several bikes over the years. they were pretty tattered and rough.  chuck took them apart and rebuilt them as best as he could.  I think they turned outreally well.

 we got a bunch of Jacks 36 parts in the mail today.  Here is his original 36 only seat t!!!  its been ground on a little in the front, but that should be an easy fix.
 this is the rear brake backing plate that was on the  bike. I think its a vl one thats been modified but I am not sure?
 check out the dust cup on the inside?  Can any of you guys confirm what this fits???
 here is an original early 36 outer primary! its so nice and straight.  somebody soldered the drain shut, but it should be a relatively easy fix
 the inside feature.
 here is his dash, its an original base and oil gauge with a repro amp gauge and switch.
 this is the tool box taht was on it, it is for a vl
 see the notch and the different hole pattern
 here is the three rivet chain guard.  It had an extension put on the front of it. and a bolt on extension on the back.
 here is a close up of the chain guard repair.  it is very professionally done.  This is the same bike that had the weird shift gate on it
 i sanded the paint of the headlight and discovered that it had the correct cursive script, but it has the wrong terminal block, so that means that this headlight probably came on a 45 to 51 ir 52 bike.  I will use the headlight shell, but find a new terminal block
and Craig and Jesse mounted Scott\s 38 wheels.   They look huge

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  1. Those saddle bags are awesome...I like that vintage look. Sounds like you have everything in place, keep us updated on how it is coming along.