Friday, January 4, 2013

Second chances

Right before we left for Japan I posted this bike for sale on the blog. it sold within two days. the customer wanted 18 inch wheels and a four speed gearbox installed before he took delivery of the bike.

This is a bike that my dad and I restored together 13 years ago, it was a bike my dad bought for himself but sold to buy some two thirty nine el projects. This bike was done before we made any reproduction parts so the position that we were in as restorers was that we could fix everything up as good as humanly possible and we had to use the best aftermarket parts available. we weren't at the stage of making our own parts yet so we had to settle for less.

Fast forward a dozen years --the bike is still in the exact same condition as when we first finished it, but it lacks certain details that I take a lot of pride in doing in on bikes we restore now. I spent the day changing out a bunch of Wire ends and rerouting a few wires, changing some minor hardware and installing one of our seemed and rolled Sheetmetal 41 to 49 mufflers and it made a world of difference

The bike was really nice before and now it's even better and it makes me feel very happy and satisfied to know that it is brought up-to-date with the same standard that we do things nowadays

I guess the moral of the story is that you should always try to improve upon your craft and skill set and if you're given a second opportunity to improve on work he did a long time ago you should be grateful and happy that you get to do it

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