Saturday, September 10, 2011

vibes pictures and misc. plating

This is our friend Yoshi, he stopped by the shop with his wife and two kids to hang out and shoot some pictures for vibes magazine in Japan. Here is a picture of us in the shop.

This is a picture that he took of miss Brittney and I riding some old bikes. Check out Brittney's purse, I bought it in southern indiana, it is made out of a dead frog from the phillipines. We have been having a ton of fun with it all week long.

Here are the hubs for the bobber. They are primo. The rear hub will have an early juice brake, and the front hub is some chopper hub that I got from my friend Dave in the twin cities.

We got a package from Pat today which contained the nickle plating for the wheels on Glenn's bobber project. The rims turned out really nice. The centers will be masked off and the sides of the rims will be painted the same color as the bike. This will be super trick.

HEre is a picture of me giving Yoshi's son Kanata his first ride on a motorcycle. He is five years old and loves motorcycles and dogs.

We also got the original fendertips back from pat. I like to send the tips to him, have them stripped and straightened out before they get chrome plated. Once they are plated, you can't really move or bend them to fit because the chrome flakes.


  1. hi matt i just got myself a 49 fl pan ill show you some pics i would like to bring it back as close to original as possible can you help?

    dont worry ill send ya more of those from purse from here( philippines)