Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stanley Update and misc. Wiring and cable pictures

I was digging through some old business cards and found this cool old card from Stanley Miller. Here is an update email that I just got from my local friend Mark Lafluer. I have been getting quite a few emails asking about stan, and it makes sense to post updates here rather than try to keep track of everyone in my inbox. Stan is doing better every day.
Sunday Night/Early Monday Morning... ....Over the Midnight Hour...

I just rolled in from a 1,200-plus mile weekend road trip. Tired, but feel compelled to share with All what I saw in our Man, Stan, today on my way home to Sioux Falls From Chicago.

As Nancy has reported, Stan is out of Expen$ive Care and has been moved to an Orthopedic wing on the First Floor of Saint Anthony's Hospital in Rockford, Illinois.

I went looking for him on the NICU wing on the Third Floor and there was some other guy laying in (what used to be) Stan's bed!

The nurses sent me down to the First Floor Orthopedic Wing. When I walked up to the nurse's station to ask where his room was, Stanley heard my voice and sat straight up in bed.

When I walked into the room, he looked right at me with a big smile and said, "Good to see you, Sharky!" I damned near fell over.

I stayed with him for less than a half hour, but had an incredible visit with him. He is still plenty piled up, but SO much better than he was just Friday!

Stan no longer has the oxygen tubes stuck in his nose, however, he is still in hand restraints. I told him that he needed to be nice to the nurses if he wanted the 'cuffs' removed.

We read a page out of a mutually-approved devotional book and discussed its relative value to Stanley and his current condition. We discussed The Golden Rule, too.

Stanley is FAR from well, but (in my humble opinion) is MILES better than he was just Friday. We had GREAT conversations today!

I reminded him that he has GOT to stop getting all pissed off and rowdy because he can't go home TODAY; that he needs to simply focus on getting well.

He seems to be more aware of the fact that he has been in the hospital for several weeks and that he needs to get stronger before he can go home.

I told him (again) what a STUD he was and that he was the second-most handsome man I've ever seen, me, of course, being the first!

We laughed a lot and cried a little, always at exactly the most appropriate moments. Stanley's World is getting bigger each day, but he has a LONG way to go.

As I was saying "Good-Bye" to Stanley this afternoon, a pretty, young black nurse was about to begin feeding him hot turkey and mashed potatoes. Stan said to me, "I love her!"

I hope he wasn't yanking my chain when he said that, because I told him time and again that he needed to treat those ladies the way he would want to be treated.

I told him that I saw no need for me to return to Rockford, unless I heard that he was mis-treating the nursing staff. Then, I told him, "Don't make me come back here!"

Sadly, I missed meeting Stan's brother, Ben, and Ben's wife, Cindy, by minutes Friday, and missed meeting his mom and dad by a couple hours this afternoon.

Please, All recipients of this message, take just a moment or two out of your busy days, and thank God for keeping Our Man Stan, alive, and ask Him to deliver Stanley back to Texas.

Thanks to All, and may God bless you and your Loved Ones.

Mark LaFleur, Dirty Old Biker
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I spent the morning wiring up John's bike. I am about as far as I can go until I get some paint back.

lots of stuff going on.

Those are nos terminals that my friend Billy gave me. I gave them to John. They look nice and are in good shape for being 60 some years old.

I set up the throttle spiral on Wayne's 46 and am almost done with the spark. I love early 46s.

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