Monday, September 19, 2011

REBUILT 40 frame and flood run pics

I ran to the twin cities to take care of a bunch of business this weekend and saw this amazing factory straightened 40 frame. When you got in a frame twisting accident back in the day, you could have your local dealer disassemble your bike, ship your frame to the factory, and they would re straighten it, repaint it and ship it back. whoa check out the stamp. I have only seen one other frame like this.

this toolbox bracket threw me for a loop.




When HD straightened frames for the dealer, they stamped the frame in this forging.Somebody asked me if these numbers were some type of code at davenport this year. That is a pretty interesting question. I do not know the answer, but due to the rough chronological order and lack of a pattern, I would be willing to guess that they are just a way that the factory kept track of the frames after they re straightened them and shipped them to the dealer

The next day I went to the flood run with kevin baas. it was fun to ride old bikes for a couple hundred miles in Minnesota.

I got to ride the 47 and he rode the strange brew. the bikes worked great.

When we got back to Kevin's house, we pulled the plugs in his 58 so that his five year old son Mason could practice kicking over the bike.

Sunday we went to a car show and swap meet. I had a great time. I bought some cool stuff , but only took two pictures. One was of this delorian and the other is below

This is a pedal car Oscar Meyer wiener mobile. I don't know what demographic of kids these were made for, but I don't think that there were very many parents camping out in front of walmart to buy these things to put under the Christmas tree. In retrospect, I wish I would have bought it, but I guess you can't have it all.


  1. Matt,

    I am in constant envy of your position. You seem to be riding a different, vintage motorcycle every day of the week. Possibly there was a nefarious deal with ... supernatural powers to secure you such an amazing post in life? You have my perpetual envy.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  2. Great having you in town Matt, look forward to seeing you soon!