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Stanley Miller update from Steve Klein

Hi everyone,

I have gotten fifty or sixty emails asking about Stanley,Here is an update from one of our mutual friends in Texas. I think it is easier to post it, than to send to all the people that are asking about our friend Stanley. He is an amazing guy and will pull through this.



Dear Friends of Stanley Miller;

Noon today marks approximately 1 week since Stanley met his unfortunate timing with his motorcycle accident. Obviously family members from across America and beyond are at his side, listening to medical staff, understanding the testing and medical treatments necessary for multiple issues at hand and focusing on his needs as they move forward. It has only been one week.

But it has been a very good week indeed.

First…. The outpouring of friendship, concern, positive comments, some light hearted stories and prayer for this family on Stanley’s behalf has been wonderful. All of us have been in hospitals with loved ones for extended periods of time and we all know that family members do not get enough rest and do not quit worrying, ever. Hospitals take a toll on families physically and mentally as we all know.

I wish to communicate on behalf of Stanley’s entire immediate family that the outpouring of emails, stories, photos, prayers and offers of help are very much appreciated by them all. It takes the edge off of long days and nights of observation until Stanley starts a faster recovery. It allows some momentary respite away from worry levels to be able to read a story and smile.


I wish to attempt to encapsulate what Stanley’s current situation is, without stepping over any family privacy lines, to simply offer some reassurance to hundreds of Stanley’s friends around America that he will be fine. This memo is more in line with my intent to offer sensible timeline expectations to all of you for his recovery and to hopefully help all of you manage your worry level, expectations and also your future prayer time commitments as well.

Here goes for this week…..

A week ago Stanley unfortunately hit a deer while riding with friends at a vintage motorcycle event in the Midwest. His injuries are numerous and although not life threatening, are serious enough to take a lot more time to correct and heal than we all had hoped for. In other respects his injuries are certainly less serious than many of us across America may have momentarily surmised. (Simply a result of basic human nature to expect the worst no matter how hard we try not to) He is a very lucky man on many fronts.

As of this morning Stanley is still sedated. Sedation simply allows physicians to do X-Rays, CAT Scans, set broken bones, and monitor healing better. It also allows patients to remain calm and let their body start healing. Let’s look at the reasons here:

Head injury

Stanley obviously did hit his head sometime in the duration of his accident. He did have a helmet on. The helmet did save his life. As noted in a previous very early email, Stanley did have some blood exiting his ears at the accident site. Here’s the good news to focus on…He was coherent, awake and did communicate what family member names and numbers were in his cell phone and who to try to contact first, to the staff in the life flight helicopter. That’s good news all the way around when it comes to concerns about head injuries. In fact one of Stanley’s comments was relative to having to pay for the helicopter J (Now I know you all are smiling here. If he is able to bitch about something, he will get past this all eventually.)

Many of you have expressed careful concern (not on a broadcast email basis) that a hard enough hit to a human beings head can sometimes lead to many, many issues, both short and long term. Thank you for not causing panic a week ago with this one. The good news is simply that he had a helmet on, the bleeding was minimal and his brain has absorbed what small level of fluids that surrounded it at the scene of the accident. He was also coherent and talked to the medical team on the scene and in the helicopter. All very good indicators that Stanley is in fact pretty hard headed physically J


Nine ribs are broken. Six are broken in two places each. And to make matters “much more sore”, he has broken ribs on both the front and back sides. OUCHY OUCHY x 10. Plates have been

installed on both the front and rear ribs to assist in their healing. This process and method is extremely tender and painful at best, but necessary. (Note: If Stanley had issues in airport security scanning before he will have more to deal with in the future. (I always just assumed he could not get through airport security because of his brass balls?) Sorry to any ladies reading this. Mom…I am also sorry!

Bone Fractures

As you all remember, he also has a fracture in his shoulder. It has been dealt with and now must simply heal. By itself a shoulder fracture is a very tender place that can emit a lot of pain.

He has a couple of vertebrae in his spinal column that were also cracked, but apparently the minor size of the cracks and their locations are more minor in nature. More Good News!

Foot Injury

His little toe was “road-rashed” pretty darn bad a week ago. Skin, muscle and tendon were damaged badly. This has been repaired and the very next day the prognosis was that remaining muscle tissue was pink indicating it had good blood flow and would all grow back and heal with time. (Note: I would not buy Stanley a soccer ball for Christmas) However I will personally tell all nursing staff that we friends approve them telling Stanley The Little Pigs Story at any time he get’s grouchy…. “And this little piggy went wee, wee, wee all the way home!”


For all of us who wince at a paper cut or by stubbing our little toe really hard on a piece of furniture in the middle of the night and get teary eyed regardless of our toughness level…. Please reflect adequately for a moment at any one of the pain levels associated with 9 broken ribs, or a shoulder fracture, or a torn up little toe. Any one of them can only equate to many, many times the pain level we could imagine. Not to mention a whole bunch of sore muscles, joints, and associated black and blue areas from his body tumbling and sliding a week ago…Not what a human body was designed for! This is simply the reason for sedation. Mask the collective pain levels and let the body heal.


Physicians allow patients to “come out” of sedation at benchmark times to see and measure how a patient is able to react to these multiple levels of pain in their bodies. If the patient is still unable to handle the pain at an acceptable level for the timeline into the recovery process, the sedation is re-administered to give the patient further rest so the body may continue healing at optimum level. That is simply where Stanley is at today. Yes the Doctors have allowed him to “start to wake up”, but his bodily reactions are not what is wished for, so they let him return to “sleepy land” again. Normal, Normal, Normal.

I am told that it is not uncommon for patients with these types of injuries to be sleep induced for from 2-3 weeks and sometimes longer. We have only worried about Stanley 1 week so far. Please be patient. He is a very lucky man!

Other Issues:

We all are quite aware that Stanley is a strong minded individual. He has high expectations from those that wait on him in normal life. He can be impatient. He can be tough on people. Trust me…I am quite sure family has communicated to hospital staff what likely personality outcomes could possibly come from Stanley when mixed with pain and suitable pharmaceuticals.

If we all need a topic to pray for, I would suggest it be that Stanley uses his known mental toughness to recover and also to understand that all these hospital people are there to help him do so. Yes Praying for World Peace may be easier to achieve, but this is what we should all pray for. It is what Stanley needs to devote his limited and recovering energy levels on when he is able to be awake full time.

Refuting Rumors J

· Stanley is not having a facial. He is handsome enough the way he is.

· Stanley is not having Botox injections (Ditto above)

· Stanley is not having a “Manhood Reduction Procedure”. (No personal observation knowledge here…but there is the continuing legend of such that only he can deal with long term)

· No we cannot ask Neurologists to reprogram any electronic components of his brain to alter past history. Jim Mosher tried unsuccessfully to pass 70,000 volts through his body years ago and it was determined after this that even with massive quantities of electro-reconfiguration of brain components, it is just a very risky set of issues with this Big Texan Boy. Some of us can pee on a 12V electric fence as a child and be damaged for life..Stanley can pee on a Nuke Power Plant and walk away.

· Although he is now known as Stanley Miller, “Action Hero”, Dallas TX and can jump large deer in a single bound, and can accelerate down the road faster than a speeding bullet without his revered 36 Knuck beneath his handsome posterior, he is not The Bionic Man. We cannot rebuild him better. We can only rebuild him and get him back as he was.

I sincerely hope this small level of communication is suitable to allow Stanley’s long list of friends to know he is in fact on the road to recovery. The road will be much shorter than it could have been and also a bit longer than we all had hoped, but it beats the hell out of the alternatives that could of very well occurred.

God Bless Stanley, His Family and his friends throughout America.

Steve Klein

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  1. My prayers are with Stanley, his family and friends. I wish him a speedy recovery so he can get back out there and have fun in life.
    Julie Graff