Monday, April 26, 2010

parts, frames and ferners

Check out the1913 to 1916 sears twin muffler castings that I got for approval today. The aluminum ones on the left were the samples that I got from Steve Huntzinger, and the cast iron ones are the ones that i had made. I am happy with them.

I also welded the foot board frames on the 47 frame that I am workin on. The weld on the cross plate is just fill and cosmetic. Somebody had cut the bar to look like a panhead frame. Knuckle bars wrap all the way around the tube, so I had to fill it in. Once I am done , I will post a pic or two.

And the first guest for our birthday party on Saturday showed up.....all the way from Gibraltar. Tim is back in South Dakota, I already put him to work lol.

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