Thursday, April 1, 2010

the archives! lol

I was cleaning out some stuff and found my old note book, this is over eight years old. I restored a 54 st for a guy in southern south dakota and these are the plating notes. What were you doing when you were sixteen? I probably should have been hanging out with friends, playing basketball or huffing glue, but I wasn't I was riding all over the country with my dad and John and thinking about motorcycles.
What were you doing when you were sixteen? Please fill me in.

I took another amazing picture of duke catching a pancake yesterday. He kind of un hinges his jaw and eats the pancake in one bite. He is truly a magnificent and amazing dog.

Here are some nice notes on a 44 fl, I am not sure how many of you out there are working on one of the 172 fls produced that year, but if you are this will probably help you.



  1. Matt, at age sixteen I was building my first bike (42wla) in seceret. My parents forbid me to own a motorcycle, so piece by piece, I collected and hid parts in crawlspace under the house! Eventually, I had enough to build a complete bike, brought the parts out and assembled them, while my parents were out of town for a week...and rode for the first time! When parents got home, they were mildly pissed, but also impressed. I was able to keep the bike! That was 1972. Big Mike

  2. Working on a 1944 EL :) Thanks!