Wednesday, April 21, 2010

36 detail pics

I installed the rear brake today. Two of the back lug nuts are originals, I have five more for the front. Check out the nickle plated outer star cover and the cad plated inner star cover. HD stopped plating inner star covers in 37, most of them were natural finish after that. There is a lot of neat stuff going on in this pic!

And the other side, This brake set up looks so much better than the later ones. I like how the plating looks on early axle nuts.

man o man

Here is the throttle cable hooked up. The Ferrell is an nos. one. Check out how wavy the edge is. I would like to see how these were made 70 years ago!

Check out the machined finish on the trans top screws. This is a really nice pre war detail. HD seemed to switch to the cheaper looking screws sometime during the war. Also check out the 36 only shift drum shaft!

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