Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This weekend I worked on my favorite motorcycle. I set up the steering dampener. Check out the original 36- 38 handlebar lock plate with the large riveted locking pin. Another interesting thing to note is the extra long shoulder on the handlebar hold down nut. Early 36 head crown nuts did not have a lip on them like all the later ones. Check out the tall headed handlebar pinch bolts these are correct for 36 to 40! They are the first part that I ever had reproduced way back when I was 17!

Here is a pic of the steering dampener installed, this was a n.o.s. piece that my friend Doug bought off of ebay several years ago for 1400! I used it as a sample to make copies so that I could have one for my 36. I think it is one of the classiest looking pieces that harley ever made!
I glued the floorboard mats down too! I used 3m 800 for adhesive, you can use weather strip adhesive as well. They both work just as good. Maybe in 200 years somebody will replace these mats and see my name in the glue, maybe not? I guess I will never know.....

It is vital to squeeze the mats to the boards while the adhesive is setting up!

This morning I threw a 46 motor in a chassis. This is one of the first 200 knuckleheads made in 46. It is going to be black. I know the oil pump plugs and oil line fittings are supposed to be parkerized, I didn't have the right ones when I was putting it together now I do, and they will be switched out by the end of the day!

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