Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Tim headed back to the uk today. we wheeled his bike out for a couple pictures. It is 80 percent done. He did all of the work and did a good job. It was fun having him around and teaching him new things. I am looking forward to seeing him in Daytona in February. This working relationship was good practice for when Ryan shows up in a couple weeks to rebuild his 45 that he won in the essay contest. I am a lot better teacher now, than I was before tim showed up.

I also got the wheels for my sears, they are awesome! I have a different set of rims that I am going to lace up to them. The front hub is aluminum, and the spokes are stainless, so I can get the front wheel put back together lickity split, the rear hub has to be re plated though.

There were a couple of these little tubes in some of the boxes I thought that they were neat.

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