Thursday, December 10, 2009

Took the day off to work on my sears!

Here is the left case for my sears motor. It is pretty unconventional when compared to a set of pan or knuckle cases. There are two sets of flywheels in a spacke engine, go to to see some pics of my bottom end.

These are the shafts out of my friend Marty's top fuel motor. It made 800 horsepower. He kept pulling tapers, so he made up these hex shafts, and cut hexes into the flywheels with an e.d.m. He couldn't true the flywheels, so the machine work had to be 100 percent accurate. This is a cool idea that I plan on adapting to the sears.


  1. For a moment there, in my haste, I thought the heading said "Took the day off to work on my SCARS"! Glad to see I was mistaken!!

  2. EDM RULES!!! Graphite dust is awesome. Cant wait to see more pics